Do You Get Bail Money Back?

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We have written about the bail bonds process in various blog posts so far, but here we will put together the most common concerns relating to the return of the bail money.

When you pay cash bail

If you post bail in cash, you pay the full amount of the bail as set by the judge. In this scenario, you don’t use the services of a bail bonds agency, but you collect the money by your own means.

If you pay the bail in cash, you will get the money back only if the defendant makes all court appearances. If one appearance is missed, the bail money is forfeited and you will get nothing back.

The following questions concerning cash bail are: Will I get my bail money back if the charges are dropped? Or – Will I get the bail money back if the defendant is found guilty?

Again, you will get your bail money back if the defendant appears before court whenever called upon during the trial process. Even if the person is found guilty, but they made all the required court appearances, you will get your money back.

Please note that if the defendant is arrested again during trial, the bail money is also forfeited.

This will probably be much clearer if you remember what bail is. Bail is the money you post as a guarantee that the defendant will appear before the court for all court dates.

When you post property bail bondGetting Money Back - Bail Bonds Chula Vista

Instead of paying cash for the defendant’s release during trial, you can also offer some property for its real value that is appropriate for the bond amount. You don’t pay any cash and you can do this without a bail bonds agency.

The same rules apply as for the cash bail. If the defendant misses only one court appearance, regardless of the trial outcome, or if he/ she is arrested again before the end of the trial, the property will be seized by the court.

When you use surety bail bonds through a bail bonds agency

It is very common that people turn to a bail bonds agency for help when posting bail, because it is usually very difficult to come by the required amount in a short time and by your own means. You pay the bail bond agent a certain percentage of the bail amount, and in return the bail bond agent underwrites a surety that is posted to release the defendant.

The money you pay to the bail bond agent is non-refundable. This money is paid for the services of the bail bond agent, whatever the course and outcome of the trial are. Bail bond agents will make sure the defendant appears before the court on due dates.

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