Kearny Mesa Bail Bonds

Kearny Mesa is a community in the eastern part of San Diego, California. It is located in an area which is bounded by State Route 52 at the north, Interstate 805 at the west, Aero Drive at the South, and then Interstate 15 at the east. Adjacent communities to this place are known to include Serra Mesa, Clairemont and also Tierrasanta.

Major Attractions

Convoy Street is known to be one unique place here as it has diverse businesses which are said to be owned and also ruled by different Asian cultures. These all include Chinese, Korean Japanese and also Vietnamese. Nijiya market is one famous market here which you can visit if you wish to shop anything for yourself. You can also take a look at the house of the hints and realities escape rooms as these are good tourist attractions.


Inspired by the name “Mesa” almost every place here is flat. The majority of the Kearny Mesa area is covered by commercial and other industrial businesses. Some local business that date back to long times ago include auto sales, restaurants, supermarkets, and also some other national chain stores, and many other small businesses as well.

Ethnicity & Demographics

The urbanization of this place Kearny Mesa began in the year 1937 with help from Gibbs Airfield. The small airfield Montgomery Field was said to be named after pioneer glider pilot John J. Montgomery. Later In 1948, the City of San Diego acquired the airfield and 1,400 acres of its surrounding properties. This was as a possible replacement land for San Diego International Airport.

Kearny Mesa Bail Bonds

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