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    Jail and Detention Facility in San Diego County

    Jail and Detention facilityAddressContact Information
    San Diego County Jail1173 Front St, San Diego, CA 92101(619) 610-1647
    Vista Detention Facility325 S Melrose Dr #200, Vista, CA 92081 (760) 936-0014
    Las Colinas Detention & Reentry Facility451 Riverview Parkway, Santee, CA 92071(619) 402-1312
    South Bay Detention Facility500 3rd Ave, Chula Vista, CA 91910(619) 213-1433
    George Bailey Detention Facility446 Alta Rd # 5300, San Diego, CA 92158(619) 210-0385
    East Mesa Reentry Facility446 Alta Rd, San Diego, CA 92179(619) 210-0334
    Facility 8 Detention Facility446 Alta Rd, San Diego, CA 92179(619) 210-0327

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    After the arrest of a person in a crime, their details get registered in the public record. It assists civilians to get information about the happenings in their community. It is possible to check out past records of a person that you assumed of having no criminal record. Our free San Diego inmate search can be a great source as you can protect your loved one, family member, or friend before it is too late. Reach out to us, and we will assist your dear one to get out of custody fast and effectively with our San Diego bail bonds services.

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    With our San Diego inmate search tool, you can get details related to the specific inmate. You can get details about the inmates who are presently serving jail time and the ones that are on parole or probation. Moreover, you can get details about their criminal charges and punishments. Anyone can use the inmate search. Everyone must take benefit of the details available to the public using this search tool. The best thing about the San Diego inmate search is that it is FREE.

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