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Chula Vista Bail BondsAt times, good people get stuck in a bad situation. If you find yourself in a bad situation with the law, Affordably Easy Bail Bonds want to offer you a helping hand. We have a team of friendly and licensed professionals who are experts in securing quick release by posing Chula Vista bail bonds. When you find that you are not capable of paying the entire bail amount, we will work out payment options suitable to you.

Drug charges in Chula Vista

Drug-related violations can range from a misdemeanor to felony and simple to complicated. Even if marijuana is made legal for personal usage, still most of the drugs are illegal to be possessed and sold. It is possible to face drug charges even with marijuana if you sell or grow marijuana without a license. If you or your loved one is held in jail on drug charges, call Affordably Easy Bail Bonds. Our expert team of bail bondsmen works hard to get you or your loved one back home.

Domestic violence charges in Chula Vista

Domestic violence charges in Chula Vista are applied when an adult commits any kind of abuse against another adult who is a spouse, ex-spouse, in a dating relationship, or a fiance. When charged with domestic violence, you might have to face severe fines and punishments. For getting the best assistance related to domestic violence bail bonds in Chula Vista, get in touch with our professional and knowledgeable bail bondsman.

How to find out if your loved one is in Chula Vista Jail?

If you are not sure whether your loved one is at Chula Vista Jail, there are a few things you can do:

  • Get in touch with Affordably Easy Bail bonds by calling 877.282.BAIL (2245) for assistance. Our bail bonds agents are ready to help you find your loved one.
  • You can directly call Chula Vista City Jail to get the information about the arrest.
  • Moreover, you can carry out an inmate search through clicking HERE. You need to enter the full name, gender, and age of your loved one arrested. With this, you will get an inmate’s booking number.

Jails in Chula Vista

The Chula Vista Police Department runs its own jail. At present Chula Vista is the only city of the county that has a police-run jail. It is the facility where the local arrestees are housed and offer them the chance of being released on bail. The arrestees that fail to get bail are then transferred to San Diego County detention facilities.

How to get bail from Chula Vista jail?

Getting bail from Chula Vista Jail is less time-consuming and complex in comparison to getting bail from big county jails. Call Affordably Easy Bail Bonds right away to get professional assistance related to bail bonds in Chula Vista. You can call us at 877.282.BAIL (2245) to get expert help to get home rather than serving jail time.

Chula Vista Jail is situated at

Detention facilityAddressContact Information
Chula Vista Police Department315 4th Ave, Chula Vista, CA 91910619-691-5220

Information about visitation of the Chula Vista Jail

At Chula Vista, Jail inmates are allowed to visit one hour every week. Normally, one adult and two children or two adults are permitted to visit at one time. Before the visit, visitors are checked for having any criminal records. The visitor should not have any pending criminal case, active warrant, formal probation, or parole. Visitors need to have valid photo identification proof. For visitation, you need to fill out the visitor application HERE or call (619) 691-522.

Court in Chula Vista

CourthousesAddressContact Information
The Chula Vista Superior Court500 3rd Avenue Ste 100, Chula Vista, CA 91910619-746-6200

The Chula Vista Superior Court is across H Street and near the Scripps Mercy Hospital. One can reach out to this court by taking H Street west side exit off the highway, merging towards the H Street and take a left on 3rd Avenue. This court is the basic hub in the town for civil and criminal cases.

Chula Vista Bail Bonds

If you find that your loved one is jailed in Chula Vista, call Affordably Easy Bail Bonds without any delay. With us, you will get the chance to work with experienced and licensed bail bonds Chula Vista agents. They work quickly to get your loved one out of jail before he or she is transferred to large county jails. If your loved one is transferred to the county jail, getting bail becomes complex and time-consuming.

Penal Code 1275 Holds in Chula Vista

PC 1275 Hold states that if the money or property used for posting bail bonds in Chula Vista is gained from any criminal activity, the bail is rejected. Such hold can be applied by any person that plays a role in arresting or prosecution procedure. The person that puts such a hold believes that money was gained through illegal activity such as theft, drug dealings, extortion, etc.

When PC 1275 is applied, a hearing is held for determining if the money is gained through legal or illegal sources. For proving that the money was gained through legal sources, a person needs to offer credit card and bank statements, car payment details, tax returns, proof of income, and bill payment statements.

Call Affordably Easy Bail Bonds to get assistance regarding clearing up issues related to PC 1275 Hold!

What you need to know about Chula Vista bail bonds process?

A bail bonds agent is a person who is licensed through the state and posts bail bonds on your behalf. The person arrested in the jail requires paying a fee to the agent, and the agent will pay for the bail. The bail allows the person to get a release and get back to the family and job while waiting for the trial. The person released on bond will promise the agent to show up for all the court proceedings and hearings so that the bail bonds agent can get the bail money from the court.

We at Affordably Easy Bail Bonds understand that bails can be costly. Our agents are happy to serve the residents of Chula Vista. The Chula Vista zip codes we serve are 91912, 91921, 91909, 91913, 91910, 91914, 92154, 91911, and 91915. If you cannot afford to pay the bail amount, do not sweat yourself. Affordably Easy Bail Bonds have different payment plans to suit your needs to get out of jail quickly and go back to your work and family.

Quick bail bonds services

Affordably Easy Bail Bonds do not wish their clients to spend much time in jail. For this, we offer a quick bail bond in Chula Vista for our clients. Our agents are experienced and qualified. Moreover, they are familiar with the procedures of jail and court. It makes them capable of carrying out the bail bonds procedure at a high speed so that our clients can get back to their regular routine as soon as possible.

Why select Affordably Easy Bail Bonds?


We have different payment plans. With us, you are sure to find reasonable bail bonds.


You can depend on us from start to end during the entire bail bonds procedure.


We keep all information provided by your confidential. It means that we do not share your details and information with anyone.

Best payment options on Chula Vista bail bonds

At Affordably Easy Bail Bonds, we offer payment plans for bail bonds as low as one percent down payment. Moreover, working with us, you can get a way to zero down payment options. All cases are different, so our friendly team of professional bail agents is there to assist you, irrespective of your situation. Our qualified experts will discuss and work out a great payment plan to get released from jail so you can get back home to your family and friends as soon as possible.

About Chula Vista

Chula Vista is the second biggest city in the San Diego Metropolitan Area which is located in San Diego, California, United States. According to the 2010 census, approximately 243,900 people lived in Chula Vista, and the estimated population of Chula Vista as of 2019 is approximately 274,500. It is situated at the center of one of the richest culturally diverse zones in the USA. Chula Vista has various shopping, dining, and cinema experiences.

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