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Talk to us to know more how we can help you get access to bail in San Diego. We are with you to help you with the release and also the follow up related to being detained.

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    We understand. It’s hard when someone you care about is in jail. Our licensed bail Affordably Easy Bail Bonds advisors are authorized to go the extra mile for you. With appropriate payment plans and rebate opportunities, we will find a way to quickly post bail and begin the release process.

    We are the best San Diego Bail Bonds agency for a reason! With great client feedback, experienced bail bondsmen and a range of finance options, no bail is too large for us. We can help with 100s to millions of dollars worth of bail without an issue.

    We are listed on all jail boards and can assist you no matter which jail in San Diego or even across the United States, you are in. Our team can help with inmate search, process documents and get you up to speed with what it will take to get bail.

    You can call us or visit us at our offices in Santee, National City, Vista or Downtown San Diego for any queries or assistance with the bail process, payment plans or detentional facilities. We are available on phone 24/7.

    What are Bail Bonds?
    Bail bonds act as a guarantee to ensure the defendant will attend trial whenever he the courts asks to be present. In a few situations, the defendant requires to give collateral. Collateral is the asset that is deposited with the bail bondsman. If the defendant fails to show up on court dates, the bail bondsman uses it to recover the money lost. A few things accepted as collateral are cars, stocks, bonds, property, jewelry, bank account, etc.
    How Does the Bail Process Work?
    San Diego bail bonds are a contractual agreement that needs to be signed by the bail bond agency and the Indemnitor. By signing the bail bonds, the bail bonds agency and Indemnitor guarantee the court that the defendant will show up to the court whenever asked. During the bail bond application procedure, the Indemnitor has to pay the bail bond premium, court fees, and other additional fees. After this, the agent goes to court or jail for posting a bond. Once the bail is accepted, the defendant gets released from custody.
    What are Bail Bonds Premiums?
    When the defendant lacks the finances to pay the bail amount, he can turn to a San Diego bail bonds agent for assistance. Bail bond agents are the experts who charge 10% of the total bail amount for the services they offer, referred to as the bail bond premium. This amount is non-refundable. Upon paying this fee, the bail bondsman will pay the remaining amount to the court, which gets refunded once the case gets over.
    What Factors Determine the Bail Amount?
    The judge determines the bail amount, and several factors go into determining this amount. Some of the factors considered by the judge to set bail amount are the nature of the offense, community ties, flight risk, employment history, past criminal record, etc. Moreover, the seriousness of the crime is a vital factor in setting the bail amount. For instance, a person charged with armed robbery will have to bear high bail payments than a person arrested for stealing goods.
    Why Appearing in Court is Vital after Bail?
    If you fail to attend the court dates, you will have to face punishments that can prolong and complicate your case. One of the dreadful consequences of failing to attend the court date is a bench warrant. If such a warrant is issued, the police have the right to arrest you and send you to prison with less possibility of posting bail. The judge might allow you to post bail in some circumstances but might set high bail bond amount.

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        Vinny was super cool and made everything easy. He went out of his way to help us out and reunited us quickly.

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        These guys are quick and make the process as best as possible. Obviously there are bigger names when you hear "bail bond" but don't let that fool you. Vincent and Jerry guide you through the whole process and you deal with them throughout the entire process. They got my sister out of jail with literally one phone call and I picked her up within 3 hours. It was the best feeling getting my sister out of jail and I have these guys to thank. They really are affordable too.

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