Santee is one of the suburban cities in San Diego County of California. As per the 2010 consensus, this city has a population of 53,000. The city is a part of the East County region. This one has located just 29 km from the Pacific Ocean.

Well connected to the coastline by state routes and highways, the city has the San Diego River running through it in a linear greenbelt. So, when you are in Santee, you will find parks, trails, and a lot more. It is all spread over more than 1,100 acres. Known to be a safe neighborhood, you can access the white collar bail bonds Santee services when you want.

Major Attractions

The city is famous for soccer and also rock climbing. This city is well known for all the sports centers and venues that it has, people here are fond of too many games and hence you will find too many different types of people who love trekking and biking.

There are individuals who are also involved in fishing, camping, picnicking, and bird watching. If you like playing golf you can visit the Carlton Oaks Golf Course and resort. There are also free concerts and music nights organized for all the music lovers in the city. There are too many artists who perform love at Broadway or the theatres.


There is a Town Centre Community Park along the San Diego River. The region is known to be the homeland of the Kumeyaay people. You can also visit the aquatic center to know more about its beauty. The state route and its extended roadways connect Santee well and therefore people experience easy transportation here. The public facilities are easily accessible making the city a good choice for tourism.

Ethnicity and Demographics

The population density was 3,231.6 people per square mile. As per the census in 2010 the total population here was 53413. With the average age of people being 18, you will come across too many whites as well as Americans and Asians here. The racial makeup of Santee was 44,083.

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