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Affordably Easy Bail Bonds offers online San Diego bail bonds services, which are possible through signing documents electronically. Online service makes bail bonds procedure secure and easy. You just need to sign some forms through the online application or via email. Our licensed and professional bail bondsman will guide you through every step of the online bail bonds process. We offer our bail bonds services 24/7, so you can apply for bail bonds anytime with us.

Charges for which you can apply online San Diego bail bonds

Online bail bonds are eligible for the defendants being held in any jail in San Diego or charged by any San Diego Court. It does not matter if the person arranging for online bail bonds is located out of San Diego, as far as the charges are within the judicial system of San Diego. Due to this, online bail bonds are an ideal choice for parents, friends, grandparents, and others who wish to assist in times of need but do not reside in San Diego. Online application of bail bonds is not possible for all charges. Bail bonds cannot be applied online for immigration or federal charges. Online bail bonds are applicable for the following charges:

  • Domestic violence charges
  • Assault and battery charges
  • DUI charges
  • Criminal charges
  • Arrest Warrant

If you get arrested for any of these charges, bail bonds can be applied online with a few clicks from your mouse.

Details needed for online San Diego bail bonds

Affordably Easy Bail Bonds wants to make bail easy for you through the online application so that you do not have to visit our office or go to jail for bail. It is possible as all paperwork is completed online and signatures can be gained through fax or email. To bail someone online, you will be required to offer some information about the defendant that is:

  • Full name of the defendant
  • Date of birth of the defendant
  • Your email address
  • Information of the employer
  • Your phone number
  • You’re Address
  • Some references

The online bail bonds application procedure takes only a few minutes and asks for some basic details. If you have any doubts or require assistance call us, we can take the bail application via phone as well.

Payment options for online San Diego Bail Bonds

For online bail bonds in San Diego, you will require a mode of payment for setting bail bonds. Affordably Easy Bail Bonds accepts the following payment options:

  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • Wire transfers
  • Prepaid cards
  • PayPal

For any type of assistance or questions about making online payments, call us!

Advantages of using our online San Diego bail bonds services for bail posting

If you have no idea about online bail posting, you might be thinking about whether you should go for it or not. The fact is that you can enjoy numerous advantages if you choose to go for online bail posting. Some of these advantages are as follows:

  • Get your loved one released from jail as soon as possible
  • Our procedure for online bail bonds is easy to follow
  • Online bail bonds process can be completed easily and fast through the comfort of your home
  • Apply for bail from anywhere in the country
  • We will offer you step-by-step guidance to go through the entire process
  • You will find us available 24/7 to solve your queries and assist you if needed
  • We believe in transparency, and you will find no surprises with our online services

Are you ready to post bail with our online bail bondsman?

We understand that posting bail is one of the daunting processes, so we treat all our clients with respect, irrespective of their situations. We offer professional service and expert advice when you use our online San Diego bail bonds services.

When you find that things are getting tough, you can depend on us! If you want to help your family member or friend to seek bail, do not get restricted due to the distance or your hectic schedule. Have made up your mind and are prepared to help your friend or family member to seek bail? Fill out our online form, and we will assist you to seek release for your loved one as soon as possible!