Large Bail San Diego

If your friend called you from prison, do you know how to provide support to him? Luckily, the bail bondsmen at Affordably Easy bail Bonds know how to offer a helping hand during this stressful time. We offer 24/7 San Diego bail bonds services, so you can get in touch anytime you want. Our specialization is large bail San Diego. It refers we are capable enough to finance large bail amounts. Moreover, with us, you can now apply for bail online without any need to leave home!

No Bail is Too Large for US

The bail bond size can differ considerably based on the crime type. Bail for severe crimes such as large drug sales, murder, domestic violence and rape can reach millions of dollars. Usually, bails for these serious felonies are high, as it carries lengthy jail time, which increases the possibility of the defendant fleeing before the sentencing.

If your friend is detained for such a crime, you need to know that not all bail bondsmen have the will and resources to post such large bail San Diego. But, it is not the case with us. We have the resources and willingness to support you with no boundaries. Our team would be happy to stand by your side when you need us the most.

No annual premiums

A complicated and serious case at times in the pre-trial phase continues for a long. It might take longer than a year and at times few years. If you select a bail bondsman who charges an annual premium, it can be a very costly mistake from your end. Just think if you had to pay a high premium for getting your loved one released from jail, and then being asked to pay the premium again, or else your collateral will be seized. We do not support this. Affordably Easy Bail Bonds believes it is ethically and morally wrong to ask for payment on bail bond again and again for the same case. It means that we will never ever charge annual premiums.

Large bail San Diego financing options

The State of California has set the rates for bail bonds that bail bond companies can charge. Under most situations, the rate of bail bonds San Diego is 10% of the total bail amount. However, at times the rate can be arranged low. We at Affordably Easy Bail Bonds put all our efforts to help our clients qualify for the reasonable bail bonds rate available. However, if the reasonable bail bond amount is high to pay straightaway, Affordably Easy Bail Bonds will work with you to design a payment plan with the low down payment option. Our team will work with you to find out bail bond payment plan suitable to your budget. We offer our bail bonds services throughout San Diego which includes National City, Vista, Chula Vista, Santee, and Downtown San Diego.

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