Notorious Prisons in the USA – Alcatraz

23 Nov, 2016//Posted by : aebbvelocityloca//Category : blog

The legal system is a complex and often imperfect system. It encompasses so many different industries, that it is sometimes hard to keep track of all of them. Bail bondsmen are just a cog in the big wheel that is the US judicial system. If you find yourself in need of bail bonds in Carlsbad, […]

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Bail Influence Factors - Bail Bonds Carlsbad

Factors that Influence Bail: Denied Bail and Bail Schedules

6 Jun, 2016//Posted by : aebbvelocityloca//Category : blog

We can often hear that someone was released on a bail of $5000 or any other sum. But have you ever thought how the bail is set? Is there an obligatory range? Are there mitigating or aggravating circumstances which may affect the final tally? In San Diego County, whether we are talking Spring Valley, Escondido, […]

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