World’s Largest Bail Bonds

When a person is put behind the bars, there has to be someone to take responsibility. The assigned lawyer is responsible for getting him out of the jail. But for the court proceedings, he is released for some time. The large bail San Diego is a written promise by the defendant that the person will be present in the court at the scheduled date and time. It is a sign of surety shown to the court. However, the bail amount is decided by the court. The amount could be as little as a few dollars and as high as millions of rupees. It depends on various factors.

Take a look at the world’s largest bail bonds:

Michael Milken: The most expensive bail bond in history is for two hundred and fifty million dollars for Michael Milken, the head of the junk bond department at the Drexel Company. He was the main person held for the largest criminal investigation on Wall Street. It took place in 1989. He was charged with almost 98 counts of crimes. It is said that he made huge money from it.

Julius Meinl V: The next on the list is a British. The amount was one hundred thirty-three million. The banker billionaire was arrested in 2009. He was suspected to deceive the investors. They were infused to buy back the shares linked to the Meinl Land Company. The outcome of the case is still said to be pending.

Raj Rajaratnam: The other bail bond was a hundred million dollars. Rajaratnam was the founder of the hedge fund called Galleon Group. He was charged with plotting and inside trading the stocks of various well-known companies. It includes known companies like Google and Hilton as well.

Bernie Madoff: The bail amount was ten million dollars. He cheated almost thousands of innocent investors to run a Ponzi scheme. The people have lost almost 18 billion dollars in all. After this, he was sentenced to life imprisonment and charged with a heavy penalty.

Jeff Skilling and Andrew Fastow: They were executives at Enron. The bail amounted to five dollars each. The energy company collapsed due to fraud and various crimes committed by the two. One of them was sent to jail for six years and the other for twenty-four years.

Thus, you witnessed some examples of large bail San Diego. In all the previous bonds, the role of a bail bondsman is crucial. You will need the help of an expert agent to stand a chance to reduce the bail amount to a great extent.

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