What you need to know about no collateral San Diego bail bonds?

Finding yourself behind the bards can be a saddening experience. During this moment, your topmost priority will be to get yourself out of jail quickly. It is where the San Diego bail bonds agent comes to the rescue. Once you get in touch with Affordably Easy Bail Bonds, we can start working on getting you out of jail quickly.

Before working with us, you might wonder if working with Affordably Easy Bail Bonds is the right decision. When it comes to bail bond agents, you might think you will have to pay big money and offer collateral. However, with us, you do not have to do both of these. Believe us when we say this. We are the experts in this.

Once you know the ins and outs of how to post no collateral bail bonds with us, you will find our services more straightforward than you thought.

What are no collateral San Diego bail bonds?

No collateral bail bonds are bail bonds that do not need collateral like real estate. Rather than this, the bail bond requires signature and payment of the bond amount. No collateral bonds require submitting a valuable possession as security, which is a promise that you will attend all the court proceedings. There are a few instances wherein collateral is needed, and these are not common. In most cases, you can get no collateral San Diego bail bonds with us. All you need to do is to contact us, agree to bond premium payment, and attend future court appearances.

What are the requirements for no collateral bail bonds?

The question you might be struggling with is if you do not need collateral for a bail bond, then what is required? The fact is that you have something possible to replace with collateral. It can be an individual that is your friend, loved one, family member, or other person who agrees to take responsibility if you fail to attend the court hearings. Such a person is called an indemnitor or a co-signer.

Now, the next question is who can become a co-signer. Anyone can become a co-signer; the only thing is that the person needs to be qualified for the role. Once the person passes the check, the co-signer needs to sign the form, and we can start working on the release of the defendant.

What crimes qualify for no collateral San Diego bail bonds?

There are a few crimes wherein collateral is the main requirement. However, most crimes do not require collateral. The crimes that require collateral are severe, and the judge has set high bail amounts. Apart from this, other facts that influence the need for collateral are the defendant’s criminal record, etc. If the defendant is accused of a federal crime, collateral is needed.

Some of the crimes that do not require collateral for bail bonds in San Diego are as follows:

Domestic violence

If you get arrested for a domestic violence crime, you must develop your defense quickly. These kinds of crimes normally involve high bond values. However, we do not ask for any collateral for such crimes.


Being arrested for DUI, that is driving under the influence, can be a horrifying experience. You will be arrested immediately and not get much time to think. Working with our bail bondsman will make your release process simple without the need for collateral.


If accused of assault, you might have to spend a long time in prison, as the bail bond amount set for this kind of crime is very high. The main reason behind this is, as per the law, there is no difference between attempting to cause harm and actually causing harm. Due to this, many defendants think they did little wrong but still find their bond expensive. When you work with Affordably Easy Bail bonds, you just need to agree with the bail premium. If you cannot do that, you need a co-signer and agree to pay the installments.

The fact is that most crimes will not require collateral. There are a few instances wherein collateral is required. Hence, do not worry much if you are arrested and put in jail.

What are the advantages of no collateral bail bond?

The main advantage of no collateral San Diego bail bonds is that it allows people to get released from jail as soon as possible. No one likes to spend more time in jail than needed. In most cases, defendants do not have the money to pay the ail amount and do not have the collateral. When you choose to work with us, you do not require both. You only require paying the bail bond premium and if needed, arrange for a co-signer.

Another advantage of these kinds of bonds is that it helps in protecting the financial situation of the defendant. When a person is in panic mode, he takes the wrong decision of selling off their property, vehicle, or other valuables. However, there is no need for you to do this. Rather than this, contact Affordably Easy Bail Bonds and allow us to protect your finances.

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