How Do You Post Vista Bail Bonds On A Warrant?

Would anyone get up in the morning and give thought to an arrest warrant? No one would enjoy their day if an arrest warrant is issued for them. Especially, law-abiding people would never expect such a situation. When an arrest warrant is issued, you should keep in mind a few points that would protect your rights. These rights will even help you avoid jail imprisonment to a great extent. Generally, a person is arrested by issuing an arrest warrant by the officer witnessing the crime but there are a few special circumstances when the law enforcement officer arrests a person without a warrant.

Posting Vista bail bonds on a warrant can be done with the help of a good bail agency. Let’s understand it in detail:

You should talk to your bail agent to know if the arrest warrant has an assigned bail amount. It is because there are a few warrants that have a bail amount assigned by the law enforcement authority. So in such cases, the defendant can think of Vista bail bonds and easily post bail with the help of a reputed bail agency. However, keep in mind the warrants that are issued with a “No Bail” and the felony warrants where you cannot opt for the bail option. 

For the warrants that allow you to post bail bonds in Vista, your bail agent can opt any of the two ways, either surety bail bond or cash bond.

Surety Bail Bond: Once a surety bail bond with the help of a bail agent is posted, the Sheriff would recall the warrant. After verification, you will be assigned a date to appear in court. This scenario is possible when you immediately contact a bondsman on getting notified about the warrant. The bond is posted at a cost of around 10% of the total bail amount so you can get continued freedom without being arrested on a warrant.

Cash Bond: There are specific cases wherein a bond is posted with only a cash option. Either you pay the full bail amount and get the case closed or the court might hold the bail amount until the case hearing continues. Get the details from the court regarding the option that is available in your court case.

No Bail Warrant: When no predetermined bail amount is set, you have to put in extra effort to register your name on the walk-in warrant calendar. It is one of the possibilities to know the options available on your warrant. Request the court clerk if the court allows such an option. When the court does not have the court surrender option, you will have to appear in court on the set date and time to ask for the court calendar. After the lengthy process, if bail is granted, you can either post it with cash or with the help of a surety like Affordably Easy Bail Bonds.

The court would look into the matter and if it is found that you have saved time and trouble for the officials, they might determine you eligible to bail. You should surrender to law enforcement agencies in case you receive an arrest warrant. Take a legally possible way to determine the status of your case and apply for bail. Depending on your recognizance, things might turn in your favor, and soon your custody time gets reduced.

To avoid getting arrested, you have Affordably Easy Bail Bonds, a well-reputed bail bonds agency through which you can post bail. We can help you in all possible ways to determine the status of the warrant and the other best options to avoid jail time. So do not hesitate to call us for 24/7 bail bonds.

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