Types Of Felony DUI Charges And Bail Cost

Do you know what the procedure is if you are arrested on DUI charges? Yes, it is good to understand DUI charges and the bail process on DUI for instant Santee bail bonds. The documentation and formalities for the bail application are quite difficult. You would need an expert bail bondsman to make sure; the application does not get rejected. The final decision is of the judge to grant bail to an individual who is in jail on DUI charges. If the records show that the person has been repeatedly put behind bars for DUI or has not appeared in court on the specified date, the bail application is affected. Santee bail bonds are generally allowed to people in jail on DUI charges when they assure no harm to others and would not leave the country after getting bail.

So, you can get out of jail with the services of a bondsman in availing bail bonds in Santee. You cannot expect them to give you a clean chit from your DUI charges but bail can always help you get some freedom.

Felony DUI Includes Three Major Types Of DUIs:

When a bondsman submits a bail application to the court, several factors are considered before its approval. The court has to look into the factors to take a fair decision on whether to realize the person from jail if he is arrested on DUI charges.

  • Suspension of license on DUI charges
  • When caught driving under influence, a minor was present in the vehicle
  • Injury or death due to drink and drive situation

Here, the court has to critically analyze the situation and if found any case falls under the above 3 categories, bail might not be granted. The bondsman will explain all the necessary formalities to be out of jail soon. The individual in need of a DUI bail bond in Santee should find an affordable bail bonds specialist as soon as possible to discuss the charges under which arrest is made.

DUI Bail Cost

The DUI bail cost varies depending on the situation of arrest and it can best be understood by working with the Santee bail bondsman. We, at Affordably Easy Bail Bonds would analyze the collateral and help every client with the bail process by charging 10%(as Industry Standard).

One thing that is assured to families who visit the bail bonds office is a quick bail process for the loved one to be out of jail. A family might not be in a position to pay the specified hundred dollar bond and so the bail through a professional becomes essential.

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