Solana Beach Bail Bonds

The location of Solana Beach is in the North Coastal region of California. This area is just 30 minutes to drive from the downtown San Diego. The selection of Interstate 5, Highway 101, Via da le Valle or Lomas Santa Fe Drive can be done for reaching this destination. The 1.7 miles long coastline is used by visitors for activities like swimming and surfing. There are experts providing Solana Beach bail bonds services to clients during an emergency.

Major attractions

The different activities which tourists enjoy in Solana Beach are due to the extended beachside, famous eateries, golf clubs, and eclectic shops and so on. Table Tops which is at the northern tip is a famous tourist destination along with Tide beach, Seascape Beach, Fletcher Cove and Del Mar Shores. There are big shopping malls where the resident crowd can be seen especially during weekends. Planning for a holiday at this place will be a right idea to enjoy with friends and family.


Initially, Lockwood Mesa was the name given by George H. Jones and his family to Solana Beach as they settled at this place. In 1923, with the construction of Lake Hodges Dam began the development phase of this community. The most historic decision was taken in 2003 when the council decided to ban smoking at the beach. The next important decision was a ban on alcohol as the cleanliness of the beach was affected. It is famous for the swimmers as they get an extended belt for swimming. The development led to many modern amenities for the residents.

Ethnicity & demographics

The population of Solana Beach was 12,516 according to the last census with 6,192 men and 6,324 women residing in this area. 5,459 households were registered with an average of 2.29 people per household. It also means that the expenses done by the residents are above the national average. The people’s median age is 42.32 and the number of married couples is 4,236 and singles are 4,875 in number.

Solana Beach Bail Bonds

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