San Ysidro Bail Bonds

Located to the North of U.S.-Mexico border, San Ysidro is a district of the city of San Diego. The neighboring communities to this place are Otay Mesa West to the north, Otay Mesa to the east, and Nestor and the Tijuana River Valley to the west. These communities define the southern San Diego. It is possible to easily commute to Central or South San Diego from this location.

Major attractions:

The famous thing about San Ysidro is that it is termed as the busiest land border crossing. Major attractions of the neighboring communities can be easily visited while staying in San Ysidro. There are a lot of other adventurous things that you can do in this area especially the beautiful scenery. You can have the best moments with family when you visit the famous place to watch the whales. There are a good number of theme parks and shops to visit while on a tour with the family members.


The name of this community is derived from San Ysidro Labrador, patron saint of farmers. The little landers group thought of staying in a piece of land without struggling for worldly pleasures. They began with cultivation as their occupation and owned the land which they can manage. Gradually, the area developed and people flourished day by day. It was in the year 1916 that a major flood destroyed the entire region. Soon, San Ysidro was annexed as the community of San Diego due to which the development began at a pace.


The community located in the South Bay named San Ysidro has a population of 30,378 in which the number of males is 14,364 while 16,014 female resides here. The average number of households is 7,767 which specified that there are only 3.90 people living per household. Total household expenditures in San Ysidro are below the national average. It was noted that the median age of the current population is 29.33 years.

San Ysidro bail bonds:

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