San Pasqual Valley Bail Bonds

The community of San Pasqual Valley lies in the northernmost part of the city of San Diego. The community was named after the Kumeyaay village of San Pasqual which was located previously in the area. The city is surrounded by Escondido to the north, to the east and the west lies an incorporated land within the San Diego County and the city of Poway and a community named Ranchi Bernardo is located to the south. The San Pasqual Agricultural Preserve, which is a famous home for the citrus, avocado and dairy farms covers most of the area of the city.

Major attractions

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park is located in the community and covers 1,800 acres. The San Pasqual and Clevenger Canyon Open Space Park are located at the end of the valley and attract a lot of visitors.


The wagon road passes from the San Pasqual Valley as well as from Warner’s Ranch to San Diego. The Mexican-American War was also fought at the same place in the year 1846. The fight was fought in the valley which is located near the site of the Kumeyaay village of San Pasqual. On 6th December 1846, General Don Andres Pico led the Californios to fight the column of Stephen W. Keamy’s 140 U.S army troops as they came down from the Santa Maria Valley into the valley near San Pasqual. The place came along their way from Warner’s Ranch to San Diego. The wagon road was also a part of the 125-mile stagecoach road for the San Antonio-San Diego Mail Line during the years 1857 to 1860.

Ethnicity and demographics

The population of the county is approximately 28,123. Many people who live in the county hold bachelor’s degree and there are some who hold a master’s degree in their fields. There are many people from different races who live in the San Pasqual Valley. The Whites, Asians, Hispanics and others lead a silent life in the valley. The people living here also earn well. Also, there are not many crimes happening in the county. When there are any criminal activities, the people contact the San Pasqual Bail Bonds for bail processes.

San Pasqual Bail Bonds

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