San Carlos Bail Bonds

San Diego is a County with plenty of beaches. Especially, when the neighboring community does not have a beach it is termed as East County. One such community without a beach in San Diego is San Carlos. It is a century ago that the East County was ranch land with rural, ranchero feel even in the new developments.

Major attractions

The geographical location of San Carlos is such that it is bounded by Del Cerro and Navajo to the west, the cities of Santee and La Mesa to the north and south and Fletcher Hills and the city of El Cajon to the east. The Cowles Mountain situated in this community is like a jewel. The mission trails regional park is famous for many adventure rides and the flowers available here are some of the rare ones. There is also a manmade reservoir built and named Lake Murray. You can enjoy various activities like hiking and biking in San Carlos.


Carlos Tavares is the person who founded this area and named it. San Carlos is the 7th City Council District of San Diego. It was in 1950 when San Carlos came into the picture when San Diego annexed the land surrounding Lake Murray. The number of residents increased with an increase in the commercial activities. Good schools were established for education. The area flourished due to a number of industrial and commercial works done by the residents. In 1979, the crime rate was highest here with an unexpected incident which took place.

Ethnicity & Demographics

San Carlos is an area in San Diego County having a population of 50,399. The number of men residing in this community is 24,251 and women are 26,148 in number. Total households are 20,765 with 2.42 people per household. The total expenditures of household in San Carlos are above the national average. The median age of the population is 42.30 with 18,376 married people and 18,076 are single. There are 70% white collar employees and 30% blue collar employees in San Carlos.

San Carlos bail bonds

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