Rolando Park Bail Bonds

Rolando Park is a community which is located on the edge of the San Diego, California on the eastern side of the city. The community is bordered or surrounded by the College Avenue to the west, to the south lies the California State Route 94, the city of La Mesa lies to the east and the University Avenue lies to the north. Rolando Park also shares its borders with the San Diego neighborhoods like Rolando, Redwood Village, and Oak Park.

Major attractions

There are places like the Rolando Park’s Park Vista and Conrad Terrace tracks where many people come regularly. There is also the Salvation Army’s Kroc Community Center which was opened to the public.


The community of Rolando Park was mainly developed during the 1950s. It was largely developed with the tract housing. The place has a hilly neighborhood. This is a characteristic which the city shares with the other places in its neighborhood. The hills separate the residential areas from the commercial areas. Also, there are schools like the Rolando Park Elementary School which was opened in the year 1951. Also, in the year 1954, the people voted to join the city of San Diego instead of La Mesa and Rolando Park was annexed in San Diego. Rolando, the sister community also joined in San Diego at the same time.

Ethnicity and demographics

The population of the city is approximately 61,000. It is estimated that almost 10,000 people in the city work for a white-collar job. While around 5,000 people engage themselves in a blue-collar job. There are as much as 22,000 households in the city. The city also has a low crime rate. In cases of arrest in a criminal activity, the Rolando Park Bail Bonds is there to help in providing a bail. There is a high number of people who are educated in the city and also there are people who have a bachelor’s or a graduate degree.

Rolando Park Bail Bonds

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