Rolando Bail Bonds

The city of Rolando is located in the mid-city region of San Diego, California. Except the El Cajon Boulevard which has the Campus Plaza Shopping center, all other parts are residential parts. The city of Rolando is divided into two parts by the University Avenue. It divides into two parts of Rolando Village which is to the north and Rolando Park which is to the south.

The Rolando Village is bordered by the College Avenue to the west, the El Cajon Boulevard lies to the north. The University Avenue lies to the south of the village. To the east of the Rolando Village lies the city of La Mesa. There are also other residential streets which are between the 67th and the 73rd streets. Rolando Park, on the other hand, borders with the College Avenue to the west, the University Avenue lies to the north and the 94 Freeway to the south. The city of La Mesa lies to the east.

Major attractions

There are many parks where the people visit on a regular basis. The University Avenue has a lot of students coming everyday.


The USS Midway Museum which is in the city has been visited by a lot of people since it is being built. The Seaport Village shopping center is one of the busiest places in the city. The historic landmarks like the Cabrillo National Monument are one of the most visited places in the city. Also, there are parks like the Coronado Bridge which have a lot of people visiting every day.

Ethnicity and demographics

The population of the county stands at approximately 7,500. The maximum population in the county is Caucasian. There are people from other races like the African-Americans and Asians. The city also has a good score as a city to live in. There are a lot of amenities which are provided to the people of the city. The crime rate is low in the area. The Rolando Bail Bonds is there to help the people when they need a bail.

Rolando Bail Bonds

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