Redwood Village Bail Bonds

San Diego is a county which is surrounded by many neighboring communities. One of the mid-city regions is named as Redwood Village. It is a residential neighborhood in this County. There is only one exception in this area which is South of University Avenue. It is because the area is the home to the University Square Shopping Center. In case, you are in need of Redwood Village bail bonds, contact Affordably Easy for instant services.

Major attractions

This community is located in such a way that the borders are defined by 54th street to the west. Most importantly it has University Avenue to the North where young students reside. It has College Avenue to the East again the place where students in huge number are found. The Streamview Drive which is located to the south is also a famous site. Just like the other communities which are famous for beaches, this place does not have so many beaches to explore.


Redwood village is one of the nine communities that form the area named College Neighborhoods. The history of this place from the year 1950 specifies that it was established as a residential community that offers affordable housing to the residents. Gradually, Redwood became the destination where Veteran Population increased as it was suburban. There are beautiful community gardens and a famous art museum in this community. You can find the best art collection installed in the surroundings.

Ethnicity & Demographics

The population of Redwood village is around 131,325 which consists of 65,269 male residents and 66,057 female residents. There are a total of 42,777 households which has almost 2.99 people per household. It was observed that the expenditure made by the residents is quite below the national average. The current population has the median age of 28.48 and the married couples are 26,822 in number and singles are 51,717 in number.

Redwood Village Bail Bonds

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