Point Loma Bail Bonds

Point Loma is a community which is located in the city of San Diego and is a seaside community. It is a part of the hilly peninsula. The Pacific Ocean lies to the south of the city, the San Diego Bay and the Old Town are to the east and the San Diego River lie to the north. The term, Point Loma is used to describe both, the neighborhood and the peninsula. The landmark which is best known by the people is the Old Point Loma lighthouse. The icon is used for the representation of the entire city of San Diego.

Major attractions

The Point Loma Light House is one of the best places to visit in the area. The Cabrillo National Monument and the Cabrillo Tide Pools are the places which get a lot of visitors on a daily basis.


Loma is a word which means hill in Spanish. The original name of the peninsula was La Punta de la Loma de San Diego. This can be translated as Hill Point of San Diego. There were no settlements in this area as there were no sources of fresh water. The place was discovered by the Europeans on the 28th of September, 1542. This was done by the Portuguese Navigator Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo who left Mexico to lead an expedition for the Spanish Crown to explore the west coast of what we call now as the United States of America. After 200 years, nearly in 1769, there was a settlement which was done permanently by the people of Europe. Later, in the year 1852, the southern portion of the Point Loma was set aside for military purposes. The place was then used as the one for the Navy presence and as a training center. The city has been grown a lot since then and is an important part of the city of San Diego.

Ethnicity and demographics

Point Loma has a population of about 48,000 people. Many of the people who live here do a white-collar job. While the others engage themselves in a blue-collar job. There are about 33,000 households which are built in the area. Many of the people here are educated and hold degrees in different distinctions. There are Point Loma Bail Bonds which help the people in getting quick bails in case of criminal activities.

Point Loma Bail Bonds

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