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What factors does the court consider when determining the Pacific Beach Bail Bonds amount?

The court can increase or reduce the amount of bail based on the criminal history and circumstances of the case. However, the judge will take into account several factors before the bail is determined, which are as follows:

Circumstances of the case

The judge takes into account the circumstances of the case. If there are any threats made while committing the offense, any injury was caused to the victim, any use of weapons was made, or whether the crime involved drugs.

Flight risk

If there is a flight risk, there is a high possibility that the judge will deny or increase the bail. But, your lawyer can prove in court that your dear one is not at a flight risk by showing your connection with the community.

Criminal history

Another vital factor that the court will take into account is criminal history. If your dear one is arrested for the first time, the judge will not set a high bail. However, if he or she is a repeated offender, high bail will be set. Also, if your dear one has violated conditions of bail in the past, the judge will deny the bail.

About Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach is a community which is located in San Diego, California, United States. Pacific Beach is surrounded by La Jolla in the north, Interstate 5 to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west, and Mission Bay and Mission Beach to the south. While previously densely populated by surfers, young people, and college students, because of increasing rental and property costs the population is gradually becoming older and wealthier.

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