Otay Mesa West Bail Bonds

There are a plenty of attractions in San Diego like beaches, churches, restaurants etc. It is because of the scenic beauty due to which the tourists increasingly visited this place. One of the neighboring communities is Otay Mesa West. It is situated in the southern section of San Diego. This residential neighborhood has Chula Vista to the North, California State Route 905 to the South, Interstate 805 to the East and Interstate 5 to the West. You can easily avail the Otay Mesa West bail bonds services for instant bail amount.

Major attractions

The beaches in this community are very cool and relaxing and so Otay Mesa West is equally famous. It is because of the unique places of attractions located in the largest residential area that this community remains crowded. There is a unique open space to the north of this community along the boundary which is known as Otay Valley Regional Park. You will find many residential homes as well as rented houses in this open space. A number of recreational activities are organized for the tourists who visited.

History of the place

It is believed that Otay Mesa West is the home to Montgomery-Waller Park. The identification of this place is due to the efforts made by John Montgomery. It was observed that John was the first person to achieve controlled flight during the launch of his glider aircraft. There is a silver 90-foot wing placed in memory of his achievement.

Ethnicity & Demographics

The location of this community is in the central region of San Diego County. The population residing in this area is 81,416 which include 42,031 male residents and 39,386 female residents. The average of 3.70 people per household specifies that a total of 20,735 households is present in this community. The median age is 32.74 with an average income and expenses.

Otay Mesa West Bail Bonds

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