Ocean Beach Bail Bonds

The county of Ocean Beach lies on the Pacific Ocean at the estuary of the San Diego River which is at the western terminus of the Interstate 8. It is located 7 miles to the northwest of Downtown San Diego. The community spreads over 742 acres and it is bounded by the San Diego River to the north and the Pacific Ocean lies to the west. The Froude Street, Seaside Street and the West Point Loma Boulevard lie to the east. Adair Street lies to the south of the beach. The beach is among the famous places in the country and hence, attracts a number of visitors regularly.


The beach was named Mussel Beach in the beginning due to the mussels which are available in the area. The current name of the beach was given in the year 1887 by developers Billy Carlson and Albert E. Higgins.

The two developers built the Cliff House as a resort and then divided the area into lots. The two developers then decided to promote their subdivisions by organizing different activities like mussel roasts and concerts. These two were also the first ones to file a subdivision map in the Ocean Beach area. The railways were built in the year 1909. The northern area of the county was the most visited one as there were many people visiting the Wonderland Amusement Park. The park was opened on the 4th July 1913. The park had roller coasters, dance pavilion, menagerie and many other amusement rides. The beach then became an attraction for the hipsters who were later accepted by many business establishments. The 1970s started with the development of the resorts and other establishments.

Ethnicity and demographics

The people residing in the Ocean Beach area refer to themselves as OBceans or OBecians, which is pronounced as “oh-BEE-shun”. There are two schools, multiple churches, a public library and other places. There are different recreation centers as well. The Dusty Rhoades Park and Robb field athletic fields and skate parks are the ones with many visitors. The population of the county is about 14,000. There are a lot of people living here from different races. There are whites, Hispanic, African Americans and Asians living here. The people in the county earn well as they are educated. The Ocean Beach Bail Bonds have been helping people for a long time.

Ocean Beach Bail Bonds

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