North Park Bail Bonds

There are several communities located in the surrounding of San Diego. North Park is one of them. It is an extended area in comparison to other neighborhoods. The inclusion of sub-neighborhoods like Altadena, Dryden Historic, Burlingame etc. make it bigger. You can rely on the North Park bail bonds services offered by Affordably Easy for availing instant bail amount.

Major attractions

The architectural structures found in North Park are unique and tourists visit this location especially for this reason. A number of Craftsman bungalows and cottages are found here which reflect California’s era of suburban development and the expert architectural work of the experts. The central point is formed due to the intersection of University and 30th which again is a tourist attraction. You can enjoy your time by moving out for shopping, dining, nightclubs and other entertainment. Even, commuting to other neighboring communities like Balboa Park, Normal heights etc. is easy.

History of the place

It is the thought of James Hartley and his family to buy some land to the northeast of Balboa Park. The reason was quite simple that the family wanted the land to grow lemons. The development era which started in San Diego extended up to the Hartley family’s 40 acres of land. The name Hartley’s North Park was given to symbolize the family and their investment. It is quite later that the grandson of Hartley family thought of establishing the business district at University Avenue and 30th. The area is said to be the heart of the community.

Ethnicity & Demographics

The population of North Park is around 80,276 with 40,896 males and 39,000 female residents. The total number of households is 38,883 with an average individual of 2.05 per household. The median age of the current population is 34.47 and the married couples total up to 14,000 while the remaining population is single. You can see that around 65% of the population has white-collar jobs while 35% of them have blue collar jobs.

North Park bail bonds

The demand for North Park bail bonds is increasing with an increase in the crime rate. Affordably Easy Bail Bonds are one of the service providers which has offices in almost all the neighboring communities of San Diego. They help in solving the critical situation and give satisfactory results. The freedom of your loved one is important for you for which you need to apply for bail to the court. A certain sum is charged for this process which can be arranged with the help of experts.