Mount Helix Bail Bonds

Mount Helix is a census-designated place which is located in San Diego County, California. The census-designated place encircles several parts of the county which are near the cities of El Cajon and La Mesa as well as a part of an unincorporated community of Spring Valley. The place gets its name from the neighborhood of Casa de Oro, which stands between Spring Valley and unincorporated El Cajon, and Mount Helix, which is a hill in La Mesa. The Mount Helix Bail Bonds serve the people with bails.

Major attractions

The place has many events which are really amazing to watch. Also, there are many beautiful views which you can see from the top of Mount Helix. You can see the mountains to the east and the ocean to the west. There are many churches which you can visit.


In the year 1872, there was a scientist who discovered a European snail on a small mountain. The name of the scientist was Rufus King Porter who was also the founder of Spring City, California. He named the peak Mt. Helix. In the year 1885, the U.S postal service said that two words cannot be used for the name of a post office. Rufus then submitted just the name Helix. He then became the first postmaster in Spring Valley. At the same time, Hubert Bancroft came to the area and purchased Porter’s ranch. He then also acquired the neighboring properties. Rufus then started calling the property “Helix Farms”. He then hired workers to develop the farms. They planted orchards and building structures for the ranch. The place was then home to the largest olive trees can be still found today. The family was then sold the property after Bancroft died in 1918.

Ethnicity and demographics

The total population of the city is around 19,000. There are people with different races living in the city. There are whites, African Americans, Native Americans, Asians, Pacific Islanders and other races. There are a lot of people who are well-educated and live in the city in harmony. The Mount Helix Bail Bonds are there in case of bail requirements for the citizens.

Mount Helix Bail Bonds

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