Midway Bail Bonds

The Midway area in San Diego, California is also known as the North Bay area. It is located on the northern mainland of the Point Loma Peninsula and to the northwest of Downtown San Diego and west of the Old Town. It is considered to be a part of Point Loma but it is treated as a separate Planning Area.

The boundaries of the Midway community are the San Diego are the San Diego River and the Interstate 8 to the north. The Interstate 5 lies to the east and the Laurel Street lies to the south. In addition to the main Midway area, the community includes portions of the historic neighborhoods of Five Point and Middletown. The area is mainly commercial and industrial. The Midway Bail Bonds have been working in Midway since a long time for providing bails.

Major attractions

There are a few multi-family restaurants in the area which are visited by a lot of people. There are a few malls where the people come to shop. There are many clubs which are visited by people in the area. The place is among the best ones to live in and enjoy your time. The Valley View Casino Center is one of the places which hosts concerts and touring shows such as ice shows and circuses. The SOMA concert venue is also located here.


The area was a part of the San Diego River delta which comprised of flat land between the hill of San Diego Presidio and the hills of Point Loma. In the year 1850, approximately 687 acres of the area was conveyed to a group of ten would-be developers. They subdivided the land into plans of developing it. However, there was not much development done even until the 1930s when there were commercial, industrial and residential developments happening. The place was known as Dutch Flats in the early 1900s. There was a large development process carried out in the 1920s and 1940s. The area has been really developed well since then and stands today an example of one of the best places in San Diego.

Ethnicity and demographics

The total population of the county is about 13,200. There are a lot of whites, African Americans, Asians, Hispanics and others who are living here. The city is one which has a lot of people who are educated. When they are any criminal offenses, the Midway Bail Bonds is there to serve them for bails.

Midway Bail Bonds

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