Linda Vista Bail Bonds

Linda Vista is one prominent city in San Diego, California.  Situated at the east of Mission Bay, north of Mission Valley, and south-east of Tecolote Canyon, this city lies over a mesa which overlooks the Mission Valley to the south and then the Mission Bay and the Pacific Ocean towards its west. It is also home to the University of San Diego.


When you are here you can take a look at this place in detail and move through as well. There are beautiful art galleries and also good looking parks which are very picturesque. At this place, you can also witness art galleries and community centers which are worth a visit. There are also some medium and high schools planned and constructed for students all across this city.



Old Linda Vista was established in 1886, and is known to be the centered on San Clemente Canyon. It was once very heavily damaged in 1916 flood and thus it lost its existence overall. It was all again built in 1940-41 under government project mainly to house aircraft workers participating in the war. There were approximately 3000 houses which were known to be built in 200 days under a construction project assisted by Reuben H. Fleet that began in October 1941.

Ethnicity & demographics

The expected total population of this place is not more than 50,000 at the highest. The occupation industry here is also said to be well set. At least 25000 of total people are engaged in white collar jobs whereas others are engrossed in blue collar jobs. The average individual per household is 3 and thus it is difficult to find a lot of population in this city.

Linda Vista Bail Bonds

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