Julian Bail Bonds

Julian is a premier mountain gateway which is just an hour from the east of San Diego. A neighboring community which is worth visiting especially because of the beautiful mountains is Julian in San Diego. It is also known as the official California Historical Landmark. You can even get the assistance from the Julian bail bondsmen who are trained for the work.

Major attractions

Julian is nestled in the most attractive Cuyamaca Mountains. It is known as an apple-growing region. There are equally beautiful shops, art galleries, fruit stands etc. The visitors would definitely enjoy the climate in this community as it has four distinct seasons. One can visit the place during the two-day Julian Apple Days Festival. There is a display of the fresh apple pies, handicrafts, beer and wine gardens etc. Even, the number of restaurants and café is huge for the visitors to enjoy at their favorite place. The exploring of the shopping options on the main street of Julian will be worth.


Mike Julian, who headed to the west to seek some fortune, discovered a lush meadow near Cuyamaca Mountains which was unsettled at that point in time. In the honor of Mike Julian, the place was named Julian. It was in the year 1870 when a cattleman, Fred Coleman first found gold rush in this area. He further established a Coleman Mining District which is now known as Coleman City. The other invaders started growing apple trees up into the mountain. Gradually, the area became famous for the apple pies. It flourished in the town as the number of residents started increasing after finding many ways of earning a fortune.

Ethnicity and demographics

Julian has a population of 3,647 with the number of male residents being 1,812 and 1,835 female residents. The number of married couples is 1,508 and single are 1,333 in number. The total households are 1,606 in number according to the last census with 2.25 people per household. Numbers specify that the total household expenditures in Julian are below the national average. Even the median age of the current population is 51.19 which is quite good.

Julian Bail Bonds

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