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Jacumba or Jacumba Hot Springs is a census-designated place in the Mountain Empire area of south-eastern San Diego County, California. It was treated as a census designated place for the first time in 2010 census and had a population of about 561. The elevation of the place is 2,829 feet above the sea level. On the 26th of February, 2013, the Federal Geographic Names Commission approved a petition by a citizen committee to change the name of the town from Jacumba to Jacumba Hot Springs. The Jacumba Bail Bonds are always up to help people for getting bails.

Major attractions

There are a lot of places which attract people. The Jacumba Motel and Spa, DeAnza Springs Resort, Desert View Tower and the Jays Southern Café are a few places which are visited by many people on a regular basis. The community is about 2.6km south of the interstate 8 and about 0.8km north of the Mexican border. There is a summit known as Squaw Tit. Also, on the bearing of 296 degrees off true North lies the Jacumba Peak. The Jacumba Airport is a place with a lot of people visiting regularly.

History of the place

The Kumeyaay people occupied the Jacumba area prior to the European settlement. They were attracted by the Jacumba hot springs which occur down the peninsular ranges of California. The Ranchers occupied the area in the 19th century and often conflicted with the Indians. Around the 20th century, the health and the relaxation benefits of the natural hot springs began to be commercialized. The Jacumba hot spring is prolific and delivered enough water to fill large public baths. The remains of which can still be seen. The water contains sulphur but has a good pleasant smell. By 1925, the place had a world class hotel and developed a destination which had a population of 1.150.

The place served as prime destination through the World War II. The Jacumba Hotel was closed and destroyed in a fire in 1983. In the 1980s, the Jacumba Motel was the only facility which was left in the city. There are a few hotels now which are running in the area.

Ethnicity and demographics

The population of the city is about 561. The density of the population was 91.6 people per square mile. There are a lot of people with different racial background living in the area. There are whites, African Americans, Native American, Asians and other races. The city is a place with less population and less crimes. But if there are crimes, the Jacumba Bail Bonds are always there to provide quick bails.

Jacumba Bail Bonds

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