Encanto Bail Bonds

San Diego is a beautiful County with many neighboring communities. One of them is Encanto having Alta Vista, Bay Terrace, and Oak Park in the neighboring area. There are many attractions that one can enjoy in this community. The history of the place is not much attractive but definitely, it led to the beginning of this community.

Major attractions

Encanto is a hilly neighborhood of San Diego. It is located in the southeastern part of San Diego. The two main sections of Encanto are North Encanto and South Encanto which lies north and south of Broadway respectively. Though there are no beaches to enjoy, there are many good restaurants and eateries for relaxing and having good food. The shopping malls are also constructed with an increasing number of tourists in this area. It is not easy to get all the facilities here but surely the climate would give you a good time during holidays.


The name Encanto means Enchantment in the Spanish language. It was given this name by the invader Alice Klauber in the year 1889. The Encanto neighborhoods consist of Chollas View, Emerald Hills, and Lincoln Park. It was a low-density community and so not much population resided initially. it is when the commercial and industrial activities that were started by a small group of residents that the residents from neighboring towns thought of settling in Encanto. Initially, small businesses began on the major streets of the community which gradually converted into big shops.

Ethnicity & demographics

Encanto, a community in San Diego County, California has a population of 67,576. It consists of 33,164 male residents and 34,413 female residents living in Encanto. The number of households in total is 17,663 with 3.79 people per household on average. The number of married couples is 17,508 and 25,602 being single. The expenditures of household in Encanto are below the national average. The median age of the population residing here is 33.57. The employment numbers are 69% white collar employees and 31% blue collar employees.

Encanto Bail Bonds

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