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About Albany

Albany is a city located in the County of Alameda County in California. This is on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay. The city is surrounded by the city of Berkeley and the Contra Costa County city on the north side. The city has Codornices and Cerrito creeks on the south and north side respectively. If at all you need to get someone on bail, you can contact Affordably Easy Bail Bonds and get the finest Bail Bonds Albany agent.

Major Attractions

The city of Albany is blessed with natural beauty. You will be able to find various destinations that are a paradise for nature lovers. The Indian Rock Park is one of such. The view from this place is excellent. You can also opt for climbing here. The Regional Parks Botanic Garden is a huge area with a variety of native plants grown by the natural habitats of the place. Solano Avenue and Fourth Street are the places where you can shop.


The history of the settlers in Albany is related to its location in the San Francisco Bay area. It is blessed with unique scenic beauty and geographical locations. The environment and the season were suitable for the people living in the place then. Most of the population of Albany consists of Native Americans and then followed by the other races as well. The shell fragments found from Creekside Park make it evident. After the Spanish land barons arrived in the 19th century.

Ethnicity and Demographics

The population density of Albany is around 3391 people per square mile. The people have been living here for a long time. The majority of the population lives in households. The population is a mere 18500 approximately. Half of the population is White this is followed by the Native American and Hispanic and Latinos as well.

Bail Bonds Albany

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