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About Alameda

Alameda is a city in the County of Alameda in California. The city is located on the islands of Alameda and Bay Farm. Alameda is known to be a charter city than a general law city. This means that the people of the country can choose any form of government. The people chose a council-manager government system in 1916 after which the system has retained. You can find many Bail Bonds Alameda agencies as well in the area.

Major Attractions

Crab Cove Center

It is an aquarium at Crown Memorial Beach. The aquarium depicts the marine history of the city. The place was started in July 1980. You will be able to see a variety of creatures here. The animals are kept in an 800-gallon aquarium system.

Pacific Pinball Museum

Pacific Pinball is a unique museum that exhibits games that were played then. You can visit the place with your children and enjoy a day out. It has various interactive bagatelles and games.

USS Hornet Museum

This place is a paradise for people who are interested in history and it shouldn’t be missed. It is known as a national historic landmark. It has a role in naval aviation and the defense of the country.


The place was originally a peninsula that was connected to Oakland. It was the home to one of the largest coastal oak forests in the entire world. The Spanish inhabitants arrived in the city in the late 18th century and were home to a local band of Ohlone tribe. The city originally consisted of three small settlements. Later it started developing.

Ethnicity and Demographics

The population of Alameda has been going up and down since the last decade. The population density was around 3200 people living per square mile. Half of the population consisted of the White people which are followed by the Asians and then the other races following.

Bail Bonds Alameda

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