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Why do people skip bail?

3 Feb, 2017//Posted by : aebbvelocityloca//Category : blog

The bail bonding agencies have found themselves a pretty good and somewhat altruistic profession. In case you are unsure how bails work, we wrote about the bail process a while back. In short, people who are awaiting trial may be released from prison until trial provided that they pay the court a certain amount of money. This money is then returned to the defendant if they show up for their trial. If not, the money is lost, and they face more serious charges, apart from the original charge.

In many cases, people do not have that much money readily available. This is where bail bonding agencies come in. They offer to pay the full sum of the bail, for a fraction of the cost. If the person honors the contract and makes all the trial appearances, the money which the bail bonding agency paid is returned to the agency, and they get to keep the money given to them by the defendant as payment. Most people agree that this is a neat system, and helps people avoid sitting in prison needlessly. However, every so often, someone decides to skip bail, and not go to trial. Here are some reasons why people chose to do this.


The first and foremost reason why people miss their day in court is because they are irresponsible and do not think about the repercussions of their actions. These tend to be repeat criminals.


Another common reason is simple forgetfulness. People who work or go to school may lose track of time, and end up missing this important obligation. Simple forgetfulness can end up costing them dearly, especially if there was a surety attached to the bail bond they signed.


Some people may not understand the gravity of skipping bail. If the defendant is young and inexperienced in these matters, they might take their pretrial release as a sign of lenience and consider their day in court a formality, or a minor matter, which it absolutely is not. Bail bonding agencies tend to explain in detail how the system works, but some people chose not to learn.


This is a natural response for some people. When faced with a problem, they flee. Sadly, this is a serious problem, and they cannot escape it. What’s more, if they try, they only exacerbate it. Whether innocent or guilty of the original crime, these people are absolutely guilty of this secondary offense.


Courts are expensive, and if the crime was inspired by poverty to begin with, the defendant may feel overwhelmed by all the money they do not have. Sadly, they decide to run. This is certainly not the answer, and the worst thing you can do, since it only adds the missed court day, as well as bringing you back into the equation, making it more expensive, never cheaper.


People facing more serious crimes tend to feel overwhelmed by the change in their lives. These kinds of accusations tend to destroy careers, and even families. People facing these situations tend to feel that there is no point in actually honoring the contract with the bail bondsman and the court, so they just flee. Once again, this never solves the problem, only makes it worse.

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