When Your Teen Is Arrested

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Affordably Easy Bail Bonds have received a number of late-night calls from upset mothers and fathers whose teen has just been arrested. Parents never need much to worry, and in such a situation they are going through a particularly rough time, especially if they themselves have never been arrested and if it’s their child’s first arrest as well. It’s difficult to know where to start from, even though they know they want to get their child out as soon as possible. Here are some things to bear in mind when you suddenly have a teenage defendant in the family.
First off
The first thing on the list is to stay calm. It’s understandable that you are experiencing all kinds of even contradictory emotions, but it’s in your and your child’s interest to stay cool. Remember that your child is also scared, especially if this is their first time in jail.
When teens are arrested, they are brought down to a juvenile facility. After they provide the officers with personal information about their parents or legal guardians, the police gets in touch with them. You should immediately arrange for attorney services – if you have a family attorney, contact them and if not, ask for a public attorney.
Specify that your child should not be questioned without the presence of the attorney. Whether you’ll be able to attend the questioning isn’t clear, because that usually depends on the interrogating officer.
The most important thing to remember at this point is not to punish your child nor encourage them to admit committing the crime, even if you are sure they are guilty of it. The rest of their life could be tarnished by a criminal record and your task is not to get to the bottom of things, but to get them out of jail.
The bail
Once you have visited your teen in jail to ensure they are safe and sound and they have a legal representative, you should start thinking about the bail. It’s very rare that anyone has enough money for bail right away – even if they do, it’s usually in a long-term savings account. That’s when you can call Affordably Easy Bail Bonds!
Once the bail is set, and it is even for teenagers, you should call a bail bond agent to post bail for your child and arrange for their release. When you are signing the agreement, common practice is to pay 10% for the service and give some property over as collateral, like a car or house. Making sure your teen appears in court for the scheduled trial ensures your collateral is returned.
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Affordably Easy Bail Bonds has extensive experience in posting bail for adults and teens alike. We serve San Diego, including Vista CA. Don’t let your child defend themselves from inside the jail – bail them out and prepare for the trial together while supporting each other. Make it easier for everyone – you, your family and your teen. Contact Affordably Easy Bail Bonds any time – we are available when you need us 24/7!

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