Things You Must Know Before Going for Bail Bonds

Getting arrested and being incarcerated is something no one would like to go through. However, there are situations when even the innocent get implicated in some offense leading to their arrest. This is certainly a traumatic and tough situation for people who are accused and the same goes for their family members. Not surprisingly, the main objective of the accused and their loved ones is to find ways and means by which the individual can get out of jail. This calls for the right bail bonds. Here is what the bail bonds process looks like starting from the arrest to posting bail and getting free.


How Does It All Work?


If you are from San Diego County, or for that matter any part of the country, you must understand how the process relating to arrest, incarceration and eventual release on bail works. Understanding this will most certainly help you to take the right steps which will eventually get you or your loved one out of jail.

When a person is arrested, she or he is taken to the police station. The actual booking for the charge happens there. Personal details of the individual are recorded and they usually include his/her address, name, birthday, personal appearance and such. The criminal background check of the person is also done, as well as taking the fingerprints. Personal belongings are seized. However, these are given back when the person is released. The suspect is also checked to determine whether he or she is in a state of inebriation. In most cases the suspect is allowed to make a phone call to his or her family members. This is where the actual process of seeking bail usually starts in San Diego County and other places. In the meantime, the suspect is lodged in jail along with other suspects who may also have been booked recently.


How Fast Can The Bail Be Obtained?


The process of getting bail would depend on the type of crimes that the person is suspected to have committed. If the crimes are not very serious, in most cases the suspect is allowed to seek bail immediately after being booked. In other cases, he or she may have to wait for around 48 hours during which time the judge hears the case, looks at the bail application and decides whether the suspect is fit enough to be allowed bail.


How Much Does Bail Cost?


The amount required to be paid for bail would depend on many factors, including the severity of the crime. Judges often use their discretion. While deciding on the bail amount, the suspect’s previous criminal record will be checked. They will find out whether the suspect made previous court appearances if they have already been tried. The judge would also consider whether his or her coming out of jail may compromise the enquiry process. If deemed necessary, the bail appeal may be totally rejected by the judges in San Diego County.


How Is The Bail Amount Paid?


If the suspect is unable to pay the bail amount, then bail bonds specialists step in. Bondsmen take it upon themselves and request for release of the arrested person. The subsequent dates of appearing in court are also decided along with the bail order. The accused or someone close to them pay the bail bondsmen their fee, which is usually around 10% of the bail amount. This fee is non-refundable. It is what bail bondsmen charge for their services. As for the bail amount, bail bonds agents take care of it.


Why Is Bail So Important?


Any case which has resulted in the arrest of a person require to be examined by the judiciary based on facts, presentations, papers and circumstantial evidence. All that takes time and could run for a quite a long period. During that time, based on the bail bond, the suspect can be out of detention. He or she will be able to resume their normal activities as the hearings on the case continue.




At the end of the day, there is no doubt that the onus lies on the suspect and his/her family members to be proactive and look for avenues by which bail bond can be a reality. It is always best to research bail bond agencies to find the most reliable one.

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