The Role and Responsibilities of the Co-Signer

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When a loved one has been arrested, they’ll need someone to bail them out of jail unless they stay for the length of the process through trial and sentencing or release. If you want your loved one released from jail, you’ll need to provide the money to the San Diego bail bonds company or promissory note to ensure they’ll return for all their court dates.

When you co-sign the bail bond, you’re providing physical property like a home or a car as collateral, or you’re providing cash to ensure the person’s release. With these tangible items, the bail bondsman will have a guarantee that they’ll be able to recover the money provided to the court. If the person who was arrested doesn’t appear in court, the co-signer is responsible to pay the entire amount of the bond, which might mean giving up the collateral they pledged when their loved one was released from jail.

If the person doesn’t show up for court, the bail bond company might have a bounty hunter or fugitive apprehension agent retrieve the accused. The person who put up the collateral or paid the bond might have to secure the services of the apprehension agent, which means more money out of their pocket. This means that if your loved one doesn’t appear at all their court appointments, they can be considered a fugitive. You can help the bail bond agent find the person by providing information as to their whereabouts. Skipping bail is very serious and could mean a guilty verdict will extend their jail time.

Although, you might want to be a co-signer for your loved one, not everyone is eligible. There are certain criteria that need to be met to bail a loved one out of jail. You must be a legal citizen of the United States. It helps if you are stable with a reliable income, stable home life in the San Diego bail bonds area and sufficient credit.

In some cases, to ensure that your loved one gets the help they need, you can ask for stipulations on the bail bond. You could require that your loved one get to a drug treatment program or be evaluated for mental health issues by a doctor or hospital. The co-signer has the right to revoke the bond if they feel as if their loved one might not show up for court. This will cause the person to be sent back to jail.

An accused loved one can be bailed out of jail by calling the San Diego bail bonds company. It’s important that you understand your rights and responsibilities as the person who bails your loved one out of jail before you decide to undertake the process.

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