Notorious Prisons in the USA – Rikers Island

11 Jan, 2017//Posted by : aebbvelocityloca//Category : blog

Continuing the series on the notorious prisons in the USA, we go across the country from our previous entries, to New York. The next prison complex is Rikers Island, located on the eponymous island in the East River. This is actually not a single prison, but rather a complex of 10 separate prisons which house […]

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Notorious Prisons in the USA – San Quentin

21 Dec, 2016//Posted by : aebbvelocityloca//Category : blog

Another notorious California prison is San Quentin. It is actually the oldest prison in California, dating back to 1852. Unlike Alcatraz, which we mentioned before, San Quentin is still operational. Its full name is San Quentin State Prison. It is known for its death row. However, San Quentin is a bit more complex than the […]

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