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Notorious Prisons in the USA: Sing Sing

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Another New York based prison whose name is well known to a majority of people is Sing Sing. Considerably smaller than the Riker’s Island penitentiary, Sing Sing gained its notoriety by being a maximum security facility, used to house some of the worst offenders around.

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As mentioned before, this prison is in the New York State, about 30 miles north of New York City, up the Hudson River. This location gave rise to the American English slang term ‘up the river’ for someone who is in prison. The prison itself is in Westchester County on Mount Pleasant. It got its name from the local town of Sing Sing. The name is a mispronunciation of the Native American word sinck sinck. Fittingly, the meaning of these words is ‘stone upon stone’.

Early History

In the 1820s, there was a need for another prison in the State of New York. Elam Lynds, a warden of another prison was given the task of building one. He researched the possible sites, including Staten Island, before deciding to situate it in its present location. The building started in 1824. Like many prisons of that era, it was built by the inmates themselves. The prison was opened in 1826, and works were completed as late as 1828. The first warden was a strict enforcer, often resorting to torture and similar unsavory methods.


Surprisingly, there weren’t many controversies related to this infamous prison. Still, it was not an ideal place, either. In the early 20th century, another warden attempted a radical reform of the system, coming after the guards who took bribes, as well as the prisoners who gave those bribes. He was accused of a multitude of crimes and temporarily removed from office. However, upon proving his innocence in court, he returned to his post. It fell on another warden to improve life in the ‘old hellhole’ drastically, just a few short years later.


Lewis Lawes was the name of the warden who started many programs to improve the life of inmates. First and foremost, he introduced sports into the prison. Apart from a baseball team, the most famous product of this program was the football team. Sponsored by the owner of New York Giants, the Sing Sing Black Sheep actually produced several players who started professional careers after their release from prison. Apart from sports, education was also sponsored by the Lawes administration. Currently, there is Rehabilitation Through Arts program in Sing Sing, as well as other prisons in the State of New York. It has shown great success in reducing recidivism in the parole population.


As a maximum security facility, Sing Sing is also a place where death penalties were performed. Over 600 people were executed in this facility until the practice was abolished in 1972. The method of execution was an electric chair, morbidly named ‘Old Sparky’. The chair is no longer at Sing Sing, being moved to Green Haven, but never used.


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