How to Bail Someone Out

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After selecting a reputable bondsman, you will be required at the correctional facility to process the bail. Here is the procedure that you can use to process the bail;

  1. Know where your loved one is jailed

Contact the accused person and ask them to specify the exact facility in which they are detained. Check the county inmate locator to see where your loved ones are. You can check here to see if the person is jailed in San Diego County

  1. Booking process

A person can only be bailed out after the booking process is complete. Contact the arresting agency and ask them if the booking process is over. You should remain calm since the booking period can take long.

  1. Inquire on the bail amount required

Depending on the weight of the offense committed, someone could either be released on bond or even denied bail. If a surety bond is needed, then you can consult your bail bond agency. A surety will come in handy during the arraignment and help to release your loved one.

  1. Court appearance

After being bailed out, the accused person has to show up in court on the date determined by the tribunal. Failure to appear in court means that the bail amount is lost and the court can issue an order requiring the person to be re-arrested.

Once your loved one is bailed out, he or she will have the time to gather witnesses and consult an attorney.

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