How Fast Can You Post Bail?

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Being in a jail is not a pleasant experience and the majority of arrestees look for ways to leave jail as soon as possible. Once out, the individual is able to plan their next move calmly and from the comfort of their own home.

The majority of people who get arrested are awarded bail and the speed with which they manage to leave jail is directly related to how quickly they can post bail. Why majority? Because bail can be denied or set rather high in certain cases which are usually the following: 1) the arrested individual is charged with a serious crime, 2) the individual is considered to be a threat to the society if released, 3) the individual has a long criminal record and/or 4) the individual is considered to be prone to flight if released.

The judge sets the bail amount. In some cases it happens that the hearing before the judge is the same day when a person is arrested. However, it can also be the day after the arrest. The judge sets the bail taking into account the severity of the crime and the arrestee’s past criminal record. Those charged with low-level crimes and those who have a relatively clean criminal record are typically assigned a manageable bail amount.

The concept of bail was designed to allow people to return to their everyday activities while under suspicion of a crime. It is also an assurance that the suspect will appear for all pretrial and trial procedures. If all the appearances are made, the bail is returned to the person at the end of the trial, regardless of whether the suspect is sentenced or acquitted. If the suspect fails to make just one appearance, the bail is forfeited.

If the individual has the money necessary to post, they will leave the jail as soon as someone accesses the money for them. The same goes if they ask a family member or a friend to lend them the money for the bail. The process is usually longer if a collateral is used instead of cash, for example some property.

If the person arrested doesn’t have the financial means to post bail, a bail bonds agency is a quick and efficient option. Bail bond agencies charge a percentage of the bail and that charge is non-refundable. It can usually come to 10% of the amount. Sometimes, a collateral is used instead.

Bail bondsmen are typically available 24/7 because one can be arrested any time. Generally, once they are contacted and the agreement is reached, the arrestee can be set free in as little as one or two hours. Posting bail through a bail bondsman is a very convenient and time-efficient solution.

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