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Different kinds of prisons

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People have used prisons to separate criminals from the rest of the people for as long as there has been a civilization. However, it was only recently that we have realized that not all criminals are the same and not all crimes are the same. Equating murder to petty theft would mean that criminals who committed these two crimes pose an equal threat to the society at large. This, of course, depends on a number of factors, but generally, murder is considered a far more grievous crime, and for a good reason. This is why we have decided to have different types of prisons for different kinds of criminals.

Jail or prison?

First of all, there is a distinction between these two terms. In layman speech, these two are often equated, but a jail is a local institution, which serves to hold people until their trial or for other short stays. People who do not post bail are kept there until trial. If you know someone who is in need of bail bonds in Vista, contact Affordably Easy Bail Bonds agency to get out of jail. Prison, however, is a whole different story. It is a state or federal institution which keeps people who have been convicted of a crime for the duration of their sentences.

State prisons vs. Federal prisons

There is a difference between these two types of correctional facilities. State-run prisons offer the chance of parole, so the inmates usually stay for shorter times than in federal ones. Which prison the inmate is sent depends on whether they committed a federal or state crime.

Juvenile prisons

Persons under the age of 18 are considered minors and are kept in separate facilities from the adults. These prisons are more oriented towards rehabilitation than punishment.

Minimum security prisons

These facilities usually host those convicted for white collar, non-violent crimes. Even though sentences for these crimes can be long, the inmates are not considered violent, so the security is lax. They also tend to have more freedom of movement than the rest of the prisons.

Medium security prisons

The majority of prisons and inmates fall into this category. These are typical bars-on-doors kinds of facilities. The guards are much more strict (and armed) and the routine is more strictly followed.

Maximum security prisons

Only the most violent and the most dangerous criminals are sent here. The freedoms are severely limited, and there are a lot more guards than in other prisons.

Women’s prisons

Separate facilities exist for women, for obvious reasons. This category overlaps with other categories, meaning that a women’s prison can be a maximum security or a juvenile one as well.

Military prisons

Military personnel who break the law are sent to special prisons run by the military. Additionally, prisoners of war are also sent here. The military actually has its own full legal system, with courts and attorneys as well.

Psychiatric prisons

Not all prisoners are mentally stable, whether prior to, or due to the crimes they have committed. That is why some of them are sent to the special institutions which are equal parts prisons and psychiatric hospitals. More than most other types, these prisons tend to focus on rehabilitating and helping the inmates, rather than just containing them.

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