Clairemont Bail Bonds

Clairemont is a community in San Diego, California city. The community can be divided into two neigborhoods of North Clairemont, Bay HO and Clairemont Mesa East and West, and Bay Park.  The place was named Clairemont because of a developer who had a wife named Claire. The area has a good topography. The areas which are developed in Clairemont are located atop mesas which are punctuated by major canyon systems. Many other western neighbourhood enjoys nice view of the Mission Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

Major attractions

The transport services are having nice options for express and bus lines. But there are many people who use their own cars for traveling from one place to another. There are many tourist attractions in the county. There are a lot of people visiting the Tecolote Canyon Natural Park which runs throughout the city and it was dedicated by the city of San Diego in the year 1977.  The park is almost 903 acres which calculate to approximately 6 miles long. The other places which are famous include Marian Bear Memorial Park, which is also known as San Clemente Canyon, YMCA’s Krause Family Skate and bike-park.


It was the time in the Clairemont County when the Kumeyaay Indians came to the canyon area in search of food and shelter. It was Judge Hyde in 1872 who was one of the first settlers or the city. Clairemont is one of the first post-World War II suburban developments in the city of Clairemont. Most of the houses were built in the 1950s and 1960s. The city has been constantly growing since then and now stands as an example of urban design, recreation activities and qualities like environmental conservation.


The population of the city is approximately 38,000. A huge part of the population is Caucasian. There is also a good population of people from Asia and African American population is almost five percent. Many of the people own houses here. The crime rate is considerably low. The Clairemont Bail Bonds also serve in the area in case of criminal activities.

Clairemont Bail Bonds

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