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Here’s How The Bail Bonds Process Works

27 Feb, 2017//Posted by : aebbvelocityloca//Category : blog

We have mentioned this in passing, but this is the full scoop on how the bail bonds process works, and what happens if it is violated.

The arrest

It all starts when the person is arrested. They are taken to a police station and booked. What it means is that they are processed; their name, address, date of birth and the alleged crime documented. If the crime is minor, the person can post bail immediately and leave until trial.


If the crime is more serious, however, the person is put in jail. Jails are usually a part of the police station, or they work together closely. They are usually detained 48 hours before their bail hearing.

Bail hearing

The person is taken to a judge, who determines the amount they need to pay in order to be released on bail. This amount depends on the severity of the crime in question, as well as any prior infractions caused by the person. Laws limit the judges to a certain range for each crime, but ultimately, it is up to the judge to set the exact amount.  This money is to be returned to the person when they attend their day in court.

Bail bond agency

For most people, the amount of money needed for bail is more than they have to spend on such short notice. That is why bail bond agencies come in. Bail bondsman offers to cover the cost of the bail for a fraction of the whole sum, usually around 10%. When the person attends their trial, the bail bonding agency gets its money back from the court. They also get to keep the 10% paid by the incarcerated person. This is how they make a profit. The agency may also require you to give them collateral, such as a car. This ensures that the company will get its money even if the person jumps bail, and the court keeps the bail.


On the day of the trial, the person who attends the trial gets their bail back. If they paid for it themselves, they get to keep the full amount. If, however, they used a bail bonding agency, the agency gets the money, and the collateral is no longer valid (or needed). The bail bonds process works and that is why it has been around for a long time. However, there are those rare cases when the person decides to try their luck by fleeing.

No show

In the case that the person isn’t there for the trial, the bail is forfeit, meaning that the bail bond agency just lost 90% of the money from that bail. That is when the collateral is activated, and the bail bondsman becomes the legal owner of the collateral (be it a car, a house or anything else). The person, on the other hand, is in more trouble than they started. Not only is it financially unsound to jump bail, it is also a crime in itself. So, apart from losing the collateral and still being wanted for the original charges, there are new charges of fleeing added. Needless to say, this is not a wise move.

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