Bail Bonds And Sureties

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Bail is a certain amount of money the defendant is required to pay in order to be released from jail until the day of the court trial (and during the trial). Only some defendants have the opportunity to pay the bail – fewer if no defendants are allowed bail if the crime is severe.
The judge is the authority who decides whether the defendant can post bail and how big the amount would be. There are several factors that are at play when determining bail and the basic idea is to make sure the defendant would appear before the court on the trial day. The amount can be paid in cash or in collateral like the defendant’s house deed. When the person makes their court appearance(s) and the trial is concluded, the bail is returned in full. Otherwise, should the person fail to make appearance(s), the bail is forfeited and it’s possible they will be imprisoned.
The bail is usually a hefty amount and the majority of defendants do not have that kind of money in cash, nor do they have property of such value. In those cases, they turn to friends and relatives for help and if that is not possible, a surety. A surety is a person or an organization that provides surety bonds. Basically, a surety pledges or promises an amount of money to the court instead of the defendant. In this case, the surety risks losing a portion or the whole amount of money if the defendant fails to abide by the bail conditions or doesn’t make a scheduled court appearance.
Before the defendant gets the surety bond, they usually have to pay a certain percentage of the bail to the surety agency (or bail bonds agency). That percentage is non-refundable and the defendant cannot retrieve it if they follow all the conditions and court orders, unlike bail which is fully recovered if all the conditions are met. However, there is a possibility of acquiring bail from a bail bond agency with a zero down payment under special circumstances.
The cash bond requires the accused to pay the total bail amount to court, whereas a surety bond demands that only a percentage is paid to the bail bond agency. Both cases allow the accused to defend themselves from outside jail until the resolution of the trial, when they are either acquitted or sentenced. The majority of the accused who are allowed to post bail choose that option.
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