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Bail Bonds 101: Things You Should Know About Bail

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What is a bail bond? Simply, a bail bond is a payment made to the court by a person who is arrested to obtain freedom before his court trial. Bail bonds are decided by the judge and the amount is sometimes higher than what the arrested person can afford. The court secures bail bond payments to ensure that the accused person will appear on all court trials. If in case the person cannot afford to pay the full bail amount, there are bail bond agencies or bail bondsmen who can help provide the whole amount.  There are some states that don’t allow private bails and the defendant needs to undergo jail systems for bail. On the other hand, California accepts private bails and bail companies or bail bondsman normally allows the accused to pay a percentage of the bail and the company takes care of the remaining balance.

Bail Bonds will be refunded by the court if the defendant attends all court trials, and in any case that accused failed to comply, it will be forfeited and the money won’t be refundable. This is why bail companies set an agreement for collateral for them to shoulder the bail, just in any case that the defendant flees, they’ll have something to turn to, in order to retrieve their money.

Once the bail bond is paid to the court, the accused is in custody of the bail bondsman, and therefore, the bondsman will be held responsible for all court appearances of the accused. The amount of bail bonds are not set too low to avoid encouragement of prolonged freedom and also set at a price that is high enough for the accused to feel the need of getting all his payment back by attending all court trials.

Now that you know what bail bond is, we need to figure out how to determine if you’re working with a good bail bondsman.

There are many out there and sometimes it gets confusing who to choose. So here are some pointers to remember.

  • Knowledge. Your bail bondsman should be well-versed about the processes in your area, since bail works differently depending on the state you’re in.
  • Reputation. Your bail bondsman should have good history in handling bail cases. They should be patient and very willing to tackle all of your questions and explain the processes for you to understand.
  • Experience. Although it is alright to work with newbies, it would be more efficient to work with an agent who have helped many people get out of bail, they are the ones who are very much familiar with the court and police system in your area. They are also most likely knowledgeable in the ins and outs of the system. Thus, making the process easier and faster.
  • Availability. A good bail bondsman is someone you can rely on anytime you need help, they can easily be contacted and are willing to assist you no matter what. They care about you and your situation and want to extend a helping hand to make things bearable for you.

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