5 Myths About Bail Bonds

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There are a lot of myths about bail bonds in San Diego. Surprisingly, many people believe them. Here are the common myths about bail bonds you should know.

Bail bond companies accept cash only

When you are arrested and apply for a bail bond, the company will charge you between 10 and 20 percent of the total bond as a non-refundable fee. In most cases, you will have to pay this amount in cash. However, that does not mean that you have to pay the rest of the bail amount in cash. You can use alternatives such as debit cards, credit cards or even wireless funds transfer. If you are required to provide collateral, you can use your car, property or jewelry.

You can always negotiate a bail bond

Bail bonds are set by the court and are non-negotiable. Though they can help you get out of jail, the amount depends on the nature of your case. The only person capable of adjusting your bail bond amount is the judge. The amount will also depend on whether the accused has a good criminal record or the probability that he or she may appear on trial.

Bail bond fees can be refunded

The full amount you pay for a bail bond will be refunded after the court proceedings end. However, the amount you initially give to bondsmen in the form of fees will not be refunded. The amount, which is between 10 and 20 percent of the total bond, is a fee you pay the bond company in order to have them help you get the full bail amount in case you don’t have the money. The bond company will get the refund and keep this portion as a charge for its services.

You don’t have to pay anything else once you pay the fee

It is true that you don’t have to part with extra cash after you pay the non-refundable fee. However, this applies only when you keep your promise to appear in court as scheduled. If you fail to honor the promise, the court will not refund the money. In this case, the bond company will have to collect the money from you or a guarantor. You will have to pay the full amount indicated in the bail documents.

You have to be in jail in order to qualify for a bond

A trained bail bond agent will help you immediately you are arrested to set up bail. Depending on the speed of the agent and the court, you can get out of the police station in a day. All you need to do is to call a reputable bond company in San Diego, or ask your friends for recommendations.

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